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Samsung Gear VR headset hands on: Eerie and cool at the same time

Thursday, 19 February 2015 17:11 New Gadgets
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Samsung Gear VR Headset
Samsung Gear VR Headset

Virtual reality headsets seem to be the next big technological leap that all major companies are concentrating on, be it Facebook, Apple or Samsung, etc.

Facebook, in fact now owns Oculus VR, which has been the leading company in creating 3D virtual reality technology and which also designed the Oculus Rift headset. More recently it has been reported that Apple is working on its own virtual reality gear headset, which would also allow the iPhone to be used as a display.

With news of the Apple patent, the comparisons between the Samsung Gear VR headset (which Samsung developed with Oculus and that uses the Note 4 phablet as a display) and the potential future Apple headset are being discussed.

So what’s it like to actually wear a virtual reality headset? At the recently concluded Samsung Forum in Bangkok, we had a chance to try out the Samsung Gear VR headset. The one we tried out already had the Note 4 phablet fitted into the headset, and this is what is used as the display by the googles. To check out how you fit the Note 4 into the VR headset check out this GIF by Gizmodo.

For starters, it’s quite a bulky headset, but then this is likely to be an issue for very tiny people. The good thing is that Gear VR is wireless, so that makes up for the size. Although you’ve strapped the VR headset on, you’ll also need the headphones separately to listen to sound.

So how do you check out content? Thankfully you’re not transported into the virtual reality zone as soon as you put on the Gear VR, which is a good thing, because that would be a bit of a system shock. On the right hand side of the outer body of Gear VR, there’s a little tapping mechanism. Once you put on the headset, a menu opens up, giving you various options, such as looking at videos, games, 360 photos, and more. You need to then keep tapping on the mechanism to choose what you want to see.

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